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We Have our own local raw honey: lots of sizes,

comb honey, creamed honey and chunk honey.

Specials in the deli right now: 

 Roast Beef- BUY 1# GET 1/4# FREE


Fresh Wisconsin Cheese- Shipping available

​"If you love someone, buy them cheese!" We now offer shipping options to you by U.S. mail. Call for pricing on whole horns of each kind of cheese. Each horn weighs an average of 6 lbs. Up to 3 of these will fit in a standard flat rate shipping box for $13.00 and can be delivered to you, or a loved one in 3 days!

Pure, natural Raw honey and honeycomb

​Our honey is lightly filtered by passing it through a large screen to remove large bits. It is unprocessed and has NOTHING added to it. It comes to you straight out of the hives. The flavor of this honey will vary because the bees produce differently according to weather patterns, or what kind of flowers they are able to feed on.

Monthly deals

We have new deals starting at the beginning of each month. Through-out our store you will find specially marked sales, which help to keep your cost down even more!

holmen meat locker- frozen meats for sale

We carry a fine selection of meats including beef, chicken, bacon & pork chops delivered to us directly from Holmen Meat Locker in Holmen, WI

willow creek Organic grass-fed beef & steaks

Organic Hamburger- Buy 10 lbs Get One Free